$9 Dollar Nuggets

These are short, 30 minute training sessions where you focus on a single topic and master it. 

Using your computer, these online learning sessions are hands-on, live training with one of our instructors. 

  - Recorded so you can review playback if, and when you want. 

  - Sharply focused, short and sweet - that's why we call these sessions "nuggets". 

  - $9 dollars per session because it sounded better than $10 Dollar Nuggets. 😁

Discover the Story Behind the Data
  • Why is storytelling so important
  • Work on a chart to prep for storytelling
  • Learn methods to help you discover the story behind the numbers
Numbers Need Context

  • How to set the base line
  • How to show big/small numbers while engaging the audience, and help them to memorize

To Animate or Not to Animate

  • Learn how Animation, used correctly, can help you control the flow of information, avoid overwhelm.
  • Enables the presenter to control the pace as well.

Use Faux Charts to Tell a Story

  • What is a faux chart
  • Examples
  • Pros & Cons vs. Regular charts
Use Images to Simplify Data

  • The different types of images
  • Where to find images
  • How to use images in charts
To Embed or not to Embed

  • The ways to incorporate Excel with PowerPoint 
  • Pro's & Con's
  • How to fix broken links