Are you looking to Simplify a Complex Presentation?

Sometimes it is so clear for you but ... trying to explain it to others can be very frustrating - on both sides! Sometimes it's a matter of trying to figure out what to cut, what to keep, how to fit it all into your allocated time AND still make sense.

See if you recognize any of these "numbers" scenarios we've been asked to work in:

Institutional Investors and Funders

These are probably the easiest presentations for us to put together as typically, you are speaking with your ‘peers’ (or 'peeps' as we call them). People who understand and use your same lingo and data models. 

However, whether you want them to choose you over a competitor, or you're looking to have them invest funds with you or your clients – in both situations you will need a strong marketing presentation that can persuade and influence your audience.


Board Meeting Presentation

You need to present your data, findings, and/or analysis but you have a strong hunch that some of the managers ... the ones that need to act on your recommendations,  could be somewhat resistant to your message.  

In a case like this, you need a presentation that clearly builds and tells your story, and then walks them through the solution so they can't mistake its value.


Speaking at a Hosted Event

If your audience is a wide mix of people with not a lot of “numbers people”, and you want to influence the way they look at something (climate change anyone?) or perhaps persuade this group to make decisions or take actions based on your presentation - you will need a clear, compelling, and easy-to-follow explainer presentation. 

These presentations focus on a development strategy that lays out straightforward and easy to understand sections coupled with simple and effective animation. By using animation to control the pace and flow of information, you avoid overwhelming people and create a smooth and consistently pleasing experience.


Need to walk people through a complex process?

Sometimes you have a lot of moving pieces and multiple levels that you want people to understand.  This is when you need a presentation that translates technical jargon so everyone understands, demystifies complex processes and creates a positive reaction by smoothly managing the flow, visuals, timing, and pace. It's like an intricate dance and with our help - you'll do the tango.


Maybe you need to send a report that is data-heavy and you want to be sure your readers will be able to understand, just as if you were there to explain.

We call those docu-slides and we work extra hard on comprehension, logic, flow and visual communication to ensure your message is clear and makes the right impact.   

These types of challenges, and many others – can be easily resolved. Let us free up your time and do the work for you.

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