Common Investor Deck Mistakes

"We have an investor pitch deck ready, and it needs a bit of upgrading. Can we get an estimate?"

This is something I hear quite often.

I always smile and say "sure, let me see what you have and I will get back to you with a price estimate".

Very rarely, do I get a presentation that IS a true investor deck.

Most of the time, they need quite a serious revision.

What I find interesting is that most of the time, they all have the same flaws.

Here is a short article I wrote a few years ago about these flaws, that I still see today:


If I were to write the same article today, I would make 2 additions:

1) The team - Avoid using their "cv". Instead, show the actual value that each member brings to the venture.

2) The Investment required - rather then state how much money you want to raise - you need to show how it will be used, what are the expected outcomes and pertinent milestones.

As well, clearly address business models, projected PNL, burn rates etc. 

And last but not least - always remember that an Investor Deck needs to be a complete story about the new venture, not just details about a product/service!

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